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Birthdate:Apr 11
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
This journal is for rambling about nothing, thoughts about anything, my fic writing and any artwork I am persuaded to try. Posts about my life will be friend locked (or will become f-locked), my arty stuff is really just me playing around seeing what I can do, feel free to comment. My fic will not be friend locked, it there for all to read if you wish to read it, BE WARNED, some is slash (inc Winsest) if this offends you either read the summary/warnings of my posts or ignore my journal.

I love TV and film (of which I am a complete geek) but Hate reality TV. I am electic about everything in life, and have a very short attention span. I'm a dog person, and a people person. I over-share, and am a little on the kooky side. I'm opinionated, but shy and have picked up my mother's trait of "no bull" policies. I'm open minded and non-judgemental, and act as agony aunt and big sister to friends, feel free to moan, shout and chat to me... I'm always willing to listen (I'll impart any advice (or try too) that I can).

My Fandoms:
Supernatural (this includes J2)
Numb3rs (Colby/Don, Charlie/Colby)
X:Men (Cyclopes/Wolverine inc anything written by sg_fic babes you ROCK! ♥)
CSI:NY (Danny/Flack)

Friend away, please don't feel offended if I don't friend back immediately, I tend to only friend those who I've chatted to (in comments/post), so I'm sure in time we will get to know each other, but if you do want to friend me please introduce yourself(just comment somewhere).

Hope to hear from you soon. x
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